While this isn't a giant corporate website, I'm adding an accessibility section to explain some conscious decisions I've made and also to keep myself accountable.


The body text used on the site will be presented in a sans serif font - one without the extra little lines on the ends of the characters - as these fonts are easier to distinguish for those with reading difficulties or a visual impairment. Capital letters will be used for headings, but avoided for longer text sections, as all letters being the same height can make blocks of text harder to read.

The majority of text will be black on a white background, which is generally easiest to read for the majority of people - if other colours are used on occasion I will always try to make sure they are highly contrasting colours to maximise readability. Links will be coloured and underlined to make them stand out.

Most computers and browser programs include accessibility tools that allow the user to select minimum text size, increase contrast, zoom or select preferred colours. 

image descriptions

Image descriptions are something I am working on, both in terms of technically how to do them on the site and actually forming the habit. I only recently learned about the importance of using alt text for people using screen readers and it seems like there is some difficulty with doing captions and alt text separately on Squarespace. I'll have to figure out the best way to include alt text and image credits if both are required.

Older content that has been imported from previous iterations of the site may not include alt text for all images; this is a time consuming job which I will get through over some weeks.


I want to do the best I can. If there's something on the site that's tripping you up in terms of accessibility, or an issue you want to draw attention to, please get in touch using the contact form below. 

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